About us

Established in year 2000, Hatov Distribution has since become the top kosher supply solution for food that matters.


With over a 1,000 products, we cover a large range of food products in frozen, chilled and dry, in both retail and bulk sizes. We ensure uppermost standards are met with each of our products and produced with quality in mind, to bring our customers the excellence they have come to expect.

We have also paved a leading path with our premium selection of kosher wines and spirits. We are proud to have been instrumental in teaching our customers to learn and appreciate the art of wines for their enjoyment, which has opened a whole new market to the kosher customer.



We deliver our products to customers over the whole of UK and Europe.

We supply supermarkets, independent grocery stores, and all foodservices including restaurants, bakeries, event caterers, care homes and schools.

Our goal and ambition is to offer our customers products they need, in addition to new product ideas they can use to grow their business. We have brought many new items into the market and allowed our end customers to become familiar with them, so they can incorporate these products into their meals.



We actively promote our products so our customers can experience what we have to offer, with store tastings, shared recipes, and various publicity channels.



We service our local customers with our own fleet of distribution vans. Our UK and Europe orders are delivered with partners we trust - delivery companies we use on a regular basis and are happy with the service they provide our customers on our behalf.


We are ready to bring you the best - are you ready for us?

We are waiting to hear from you! Contact us on +44208 885 4444

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