Domaine Roses Camille

Domaine Roses Camille is an old vines estate in the heart of the prestigious Pomerol region of Bordeaux. Nestled amongst prestigious vineyards, Domaine Roses Camille harnesses the natural expression of the vineyard with minimal intervention.


Manischewitz continues to be the #1 Kosher wine brand in America, and offers an extensive product line that includes a variety of flavors and sizes. As always, the brand remains committed to providing quality Kosher wine that makes the Manischewitz name synonymous with tradition.

Meron Winery

a family run boutique winery located in Israel’s Upper-Galil

Hevron Heights

Located in the hills of Hevron, the world class wine carries the rich Jewish history and wine making tradition of the region.


a boutique winery with hand-crafted wines from six generations to 1932


Hayotzer Winery is a quality family winery. This exciting venture is a unique partnership between one of Israel’s finest and most experienced winemakers and Israel’s first family of wine, the Shor fa

Les Vins IDS

Les Vins IDS sont nés en 2000 dans le but de créer des cuvées Cacher de Grands Vins d’excepti

Galil Mountain

In the Upper Galilee, near Kibbutz Yiron, we discovered the beauty of a free-flowing connection with nature. Experiencing this connection led to the establishment of a winery whose approach and actions are free and creative.


Gvaot Winery is located in Givat Harel, at the heart of Samaria, on the banks of Nahal Shiloh, Around 800m above sea level, this hilly region holds an ancient tradition successful vine cultivation


Shiloh Winery is a unique winery, which represents the journey of the Jewish story from their beginnings as a people in Biblical times.


Even before one vine was planted in the winery’s vineyards, Lenny Recanati and Uri Shaked had already planted the dre


Our wines reflect an overwhelming web of rich flavors, diverse aromas and an aroma that combines depth and liveliness. The wine that you sip with pleasure is the fruit of perfectionism that encompasses all the components of the wine and the production process

Golan Heights

Golan Heights Winery, Israel’s leading producer of quality wines, was established in 1983 by four kibbutzim and four moshavim (cooperative communities)