Who We Are...

We are a leading wholesale food, wine and spirit distributor in the UK and Europe, offering a range of over 1,000 products that are constantly updated. Our selection from around the world represents both general brands and brands dedicated specifically for the Kosher market.

Here is why you will love working with us:

  • We provide retailers and supermarkets with products that are both popular and innovative; for example, our xylitol range meets the need for a natural, all-purpose sweetener that is truly good for consumers.
  • We are a leader in the Kosher frozen food category with our famous brand and the largest range of other kosher frozen food brands. We also provide a large selection of products in the chilled and ambient food range.
  • We invest constantly in cutting edge food technology solutions and have state-of-the art frozen facilities.
  • We represent in the UK and Europe many classic wineries and many award-winning new ones.
  • Our customer service is unmatched with a dynamic sales team providing friendly and professional face-to-face service to our customers across the UK and Europe.
  • With depots spread across the UK and Europe, we have an unparalleled reach with a highly motivated and professional logistical team supporting a fleet of state-of-the-art temperature-controlled vehicles.

What We Do...

We are food and wine specialists: we keep a very close eye on changing trends and provide retailers and supermarkets with both traditional and innovative food products that meet evolving consumer needs and taste.

We have cultivated relationships of many years with wineries across the world. Visit our wineries here. Our unique expertise in this area will surprise you and delight your customers.

As wholesale Kosher food distributors, we are proud to provide over 54 categories from mainstream products to smaller trends like gluten-free and vegan products. Our catalogue is a complete education on the evolving Kosher food market.

Frozen Food

Our unique area of expertise. If something can be frozen, we have it.

Chilled Food

We have an exciting selection of cheeses, dips and spreads, meats, and salads.

Dry Food

Find here a broad range of food items, staples and packaged foods.

Wines & Spirits

You will find here many loved and trusted brands and many up-and-coming new ones.

Explore our Catalogue

Who We Serve...​

Every sector within the food industry has its particular challenges. Our sales staff are trained to be sensitive to your particular issues and offer a solution-based approach. Whether you are a small local grocer or a large business or institution, we understand your unique goals and tailor solutions to help your business grow. Our service does not end at the point of delivery.  We pride ourselves on our customer service. We can be easily reached and react swiftly to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Retailers need to provide variety and choice for their customers, and they fear running out of stock. Our cutting-edge ordering platform, sales team and logistics provide you with speedy order fulfilment and complete support.


Bakeries cannot afford to have their production schedule disrupted. You are dependent on consistent speedy delivery, and you need to trust your supplier. Our logistical team working out of our state-of-the-art warehouse has your back.


Caterers have enough problems juggling events, staff and logistics. You need to feel that at least you can rely on your supplier to supply you with a wide range of high-quality ingredients, speedily and reliably. We’re here for you.


Hotels need to cater for a variety of guest preferences and dietary requirements. You need consistent quality, a broad choice, timely delivery and budget-friendly prices. You can count on us to work faithfully towards meeting your needs.

Food Service​

Download our catalogue to find a one-stop solution. It provides you with the broadest range of standard ingredients and products you need, as well as plenty of new ones to stimulate your creativity and imagination.


The excellent partnerships we have with brands across the world allow us to provide you with old and trusted products and award-winning new ones, helping you grow your product range and drive sales.

Nothing delights us more than serving our customers. Below, you’ll find ways to contact our helpful and professional sales and customer service staff.

Let’s stay connected

Nothing delights us like serving our customers. Find below a variety of ways of contacting our helpful and professional sales and customer service staff. We await your call.


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